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Default Problem with Annoucements

Hy guys,

IPOCC newbie here using IPO Server 9.1 and IPOCC 9.1

I am trying to create a simple environment where a client calls into Topic 1, gets prompted (Announcement) and then the call flows to IVR script. Option 1 transfer caller to Agent1 and Option 2 transfers the caller to Agent 2.. A very simple test case.

My problem is that when I call into the topic, it rings... and it rings.. and it rings.. and nothing happens..

If I, however, Connect the Topic to an Agent (in the task floweditor) and call he topic, then the call goes through..

Any ideas why the Annoucements are not working ?
Why is the call not being answerd by IPOCC ?

I have attached a pic with my call flow:

Thank you ,

Vlad C
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