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Turns out the problem is not just with WebManager.. its also impossible to register my Avaya Communicator for iPad, Mac, or Windows using the FQDN, not even when connected to the same internal network.
I can ping and it replies with the address, which is the IP Office.
So I can assume that DNS Resolution is working.
Internal DNS Server is Linux Bind on ClearOS, which is my DHCP, DNS, and Internet gateway.
External DNS is Godaddy.
At GoDaddy I have records resolving to my public IP.
In my ClearOS box, resolving to the One-X Portal Server's intern address of and resolving to the LAN 1 IP Address of

One-X Mobile Preferred works as expected with split horizon DNS, using

Avaya Communicator for iPad will not login at all, internal or external using the, even though when I ping it does resolve to
If I configure Avaya Communicator with the internal ip address it does connect.

IP Office is configured to use my internal DNS address of


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