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Originally Posted by zakabog View Post
Since your second port is configured as a trunk port and carrying traffic from both 50 and 150, it passes along the untagged traffic since it's on the same Layer 2 network (VLAN 50). You didn't tag the traffic from your laptop so it's not dropping any tags, it's just passing along the traffic as it was given, as if you had a flat switch.
I may be misunderstanding your explanation, but that's not how the 802.1q Ethernet switch works.
There are no untagged packets "inside" the switch. Every untagged packet received is tagged with a default VLAN (a.k.a. PVID) and treated accordingly.

The outgoing port may be a member of several VLANs, but only the default VLAN a.k.a. PVID can be either removed from the outgoing packet (Access Port) or left as it is (Trunk).
I configure the port _not_ to remove the PVID, the switch removes it instead hence the problem.