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Question IP Office R9.1 - Phone Number Masking

Hi All,

One of my customer have an IP Office release 9.1 installed.
It's an IP Office system with IP500v2 gateway, 50 IP endpoints, 50 1608-I IP Phones and a total of 10 channels VMPRO.

We've developed a CRM integration for them where they use their own CRM to ClickToCall.
The customer has 10 employees who are manually making outbound calls to customer's own assets with the ClickToCall services.

These agent-like employees can't see the assets' phone numbers in their own CRM but right after they click to call, the phone number appears on the IP Phone obviously.
The customer would like to mask it on the phone too.
Because as they've previously been through some legal and annoying experiences where his own agents stole these assets and sold them to competitors. This is exactly why they would like to have this.
I really hope that I clearly explained the needs and I need your help.

Is this possible? If yes, how can we do it?
I'm currently open to any solution beside replacing the IP phones with screenless analogue phones. (:
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