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Default Insert Valid Card

I think you have the wrong card. You probably can not get this anymore but here is the card you need for a non R8 PARTNER ACS:

107932071PARTNER ACS Backup / Restore Card (non-RAC) - 12A1


700429244PARTNER ACS Backup / Restore / Remote Access Card (RAC) - 12G5 ROHS - 12G5 [old 1 MEG 107932071 - 12G5 -700317035]
Optional PCMCIA card for PARTNER Advanced Communications System Release 7, Release 6 or Small Office Edition that provides access for remote programming and provides on-board backup and restore capability. Requires one of the two available PCMCIA slots on the processor card.

You could also upgrade them to R8 and use this card to do the upgrade and then use it for a backup card:

700469697PARTNER ACS R8 Upgrade/Bkup/Restore Card - Used to upgrade a Partner ACS R7 to R8 only. This is a one time upgrade opton. After the Upgrade is completed, it can be used as a "Backup and Restore" card. This card does not contain a modem and can not be used as a Remote Access Card (RAC).
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