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Default Can't stack ERS3524

I have two brand new ERS3524 units. I just updated both to the latest diag and stack.
I tried assigning the stack an IP and it got one but I can't reach it by that so I assigned the first switch in the stack and IP and I can reach it by that.
My issue is it doesn't see the stack. I have the cabling in the back correct and I have the top switch set to base in the back. I'm not sure what I don't have right.
Configured In Use Last BootP/DHCP
--------------- --------------- --------------------
Stack IP Address:
Switch IP Address:
Switch Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

3524GT-PWR+#show stack-info
Unit# Switch Model Pluggable Pluggable Pluggable Pluggable SW Version
Port Port Port Port
----- ---------------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ----------
1 3524GT-PWR+ (21) None (22) None (23) None (24) None v5.3.1.002
3524GT-PWR+#show stack health
% Switch not in stack.
I assigned an IP address of to the bottom switch. If I have a network cable plugged into port 1 on the top switch and just the stacking cables plugged in, I can ping from my workstation to the bottom switch even though I don't have a direct connection.
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