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Default About Coverage Path Point

The "'y'ext(station,annc,VDN)" is for "Holiday Coverage" section of the coverage path. In order to set a coverage point to something like 'yXXX', where XXX is either a station, annc or VDN, the "Holiday Coverage" on the coverage path form should be set to Y (either for inside call, or outside call)

when coverage path kicks in, CM checks the coverage criteria. If Holiday Coverage is set to Y (let's assume both inside and outside call), then CM will check the "Holiday Table". If an entry matches, AND the coverage point contains a yXXX, then CM will follow that coverage path. If there is no entry found in the holiday table, CM will skip that coverage point. So for example I have coverage path 11 as point 1 y101 and point 2 as h99. 101 is an extension on CM

change coverage path 11 Page 1 of 1
Coverage Path Number: 11
Holiday Coverage? y y Holiday Table: 1
Terminate to Coverage Pts. with Bridged Appearances? n
Point1: y101 Rng: Point2: h99 Rng:

Then my holiday table has an entry for 15th march 2012. Today is 14th march.

display holiday-table 1
Number: 1 Name: It's Holiday
______START_______ _______END________
Month Day Hour Min Month Day Hour Min Description
03 15 10 00 03 19 10 00 National Holiday

When coverage path kicks in, CM will use coverage path 11 point 2 since today is not in my holiday table.

if the call arrives tomorrow, then it will use the coverage path 11, point 1 first.

I hope this clears out the confusion. I couldn't find ths in the features or screen reference document either.

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