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Default MWI issue


I understand that you have SIP phones registering to Session Manager and also have CM working as a Feature Server.
Firstly, I think your SIP phone is not subscribing to the "Message-Summary" event package with Session Manager.

There are 5 event packages that the SIP phones (with CM features - OPTIM ext) gets subscribed to, while they are logging / Registering to Session Manager:

They are:

1. Reg (Registration)
2. Dialog
3. ccs-profile (for ppm functionality)
4. Message-Summary
5. CM features

If the SIP phones doesnt subscribe to the above event packages then any NOTIFY messages from other SIP entities would result in 481 Transaction does not exit error response code, as this is abvious.

I would firstly ask you to check if the Avaya SIP phone is set to "Avaya Environment = Auto". This will make the Avaya SIP phones to also subscribe to all events including MWI events.

Secondly, completely read the traceSM logs of the SIP phones getting registered to find clues of what is happening while registrations. Do you see and esclamation Mark (! in a triangle) on your SIP phone display. If so then the SIP phone is not registering and subscribing to all events.
In case you are not able to resolve the issue, please raise a ticket with Avaya Support and we shall assist you by looging into the logs.



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