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You get more than 1 segment if the disposition changes, for example this happens when a call get transferred or a call gets re-queued.
So the timers have to be 'reset' because it needs to measure the time for the new extension.
You have to understand what the dispositions mean and why a call has more than 1 segment, you can than work out the correct call length.
If the disposition is ANS (ACD Answered) the deposition time is the time it took for it to be answered. than you have talk time. If the call gets transferred the original call goes on hold ( hold time: while the agent dials the transfer extension, waits for it to be answered and talk to person and hits transfer)

As for ACW (after call work): this time is measured after a call has been completed by the agent, so can never be add to the call length. But is measured for the Agent stats.

There is a lot more to this but I find the help files in CMS supervisor explain all the database items well.

The best thing is to make test calls and run historic reports compare them against the call records to get an understanding of the calculation of times
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