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Question HELP!! AACC6.4- POM Blending- not ready state when change from outbound to inbounbd

Hi Experts!

We have a question related to POM and AACC6.4 in AML (CS1000).

We are testing blending, and we notice that, when agent goes from outbound campaign to inbound, their state changes to "NOT READY" and they need manually to change again to ready.

The notice also that, this behaviour depends on the call presentation you configure in the agent....
If the agent has "RONA" for example 10 second the goes back to not ready in the disposition class of AACC, the problem reproduces, but if you configure the disposition class to let the phone ringing without RONA, the problem not ocurrs.

Do you have any idea whats wrong? is the correct behaviour??

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