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They eventually sent me an email stating the following:

Hi There,

The short answer is not possible on 9. X or 10. X IPO Release

New features and fixes are on R11.0 and R11.1. This is one example about fix and what Im talking about new features:

Microsoft Word - PSN005386u.docx (

This is an RFI ticket so Iím canceling this with this answer


Now I don't know why they're telling me it's not possible on 9 or 10 because I have the latest release of the app which is from the Google Play Store. There are also two other issues I ran into with the app, one being that the app rarely opens on the android phones I tried it on (2 Samsungs,1 Xiaomi and 1 iPhone), one of the Samsung phones seems to open fine as far as I remember as well as the iPhone but the other two hang on boot indefinitely and sometimes the app will eventually open after like 20- 30 minutes of waiting.

One of the Android phones (the one that hangs) also doesn't have any audio on both ends during voip calls unless I click the refresh button in the app to resync first on every startup. I noticed that the review score for the app in the Google Play Store is pretty low, 2 out of 5, with the majority being ones, so maybe this app just isn't optimized and if that's the case, I need another solution because the main feature the client wanted was remote phones and we cannot close the install project and get paid until this is working.

If there is an alternate solution for this, I'd appreciate anyone willing to assist. I'm hoping there might be a version of the app that's not on the Play Store that has bug fixes of something.
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