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Angry No Switch Connection displayed in AES Mgt Console

I am banging my head against the wall! I cannot get the switch connection to display in the AES Web Mgt Console. I have removed the switch, change names, changed CLAN's, removed re-added TSAPI link, rebooted AES. Can anyone help? What logs if any would be beneficial?
I had previously built this system before using the bundled version of AES 5.2.2 on the Del 2950, but Avaya wouldn't support it (Dell 1950, S8510 equivalent, only) so I had to rebuild it using RHEL 5.3 and SWONLY package from Avaya. Running the bundled version, I was able to see the switch connection. I am thinking I missed an RPM somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Going back to banging my head!

CM 5.2.1
AES 5.2.2 (Software Only, RHEL 5 on Dell 2950)
AES server exceeds hardware requirement as described in Avaya document 02-300355.

Status Link on CM
Srvr/ AE Services Remote IP Remote Local Node Msgs Msgs Link Server Port Sent Rcvd
01/01 sat4aes2 10. X. 15.108 47751 clan1c05aes 116 116
01/02 sat4aes2 10. X. 15.108 38919 clan2b02aes 106 106

Status on AES Mgt Concole Web Interface
Status -->Switch Conn Summary --> Displays no Switch Connection

I would attached a pic, but the size is limited for uploading. If you want to see it, I will email it to you or PM.
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