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Greetings group

I have a new client which I have recently acquired VIA a WAN/LAN/WLAN network build I performed.
My client asked if I knew how to work on the Avaya Partner system, I stated that I have not, however I was willing to learn the system to serve their needs.

The first task I have, I am certain is a simple task,
The client has asked me to program the system so that all incoming calls ring on ext(s) 10, 11 & 24.

I have downloaded: PARTNER Advanced Communications System Installation, Programming, and Use - Partner-ACS-R8-Docs.pdf.htm

=> To this point, my reading through this .pdf I am so far unable to locate anything which seems specific to performing this task, I need some direction and a wee bit of spoon feeding here I guess?

Also, of the following methods of programming, which would be advised to make this type of programming change;

■ System Programming allows you to customize the system to meet the needs of your
business. When the system is first installed, it uses factory settings that reflect the most
commonly used options. You can change system settings as needed. You can perform
System Programming from extension 10 or extension 11. Because an extension cannot be in
programming mode and handle calls at the same time, you should use extension 11 for
programming. By doing so, you can program without disrupting call handling at extension 10.

■ Telephone Programming allows telephones to be customized to meet individual users’
needs. There are two types of Telephone Programming, depending from where you program.
— Centralized Telephone Programming—programming individual telephones from extension
10 or 11.
— Extension Programming—programming an individual system telephone from the
extension to which it is connected.

Thanking you in advance for your time and help.

Best Regards
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