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Default IPO Rel 8.0 Garbled Distorted Embedded. Also, cant change passcode in visual voice

Customer has 8.0(51) and was using VMPro. wanted to get rid of server and doesn't use Vmail so much so wanted to use embedded instead. When we first changed System setting to embedded, the first access we heard garbled and slow voice...after a few minutes we tried again and it was fine for a while...
Then we found that using visual voice, trying to change the pass-code didn't work - it would just keep asking for password (didnt say "new") and stayed in a loop that way. the only softkey option there was cancel and if we got out that way it didn't change it. Using *17 does work.
After a couple of hours of clear audio during our testing, the garble didn't happen...of course it waited until we were almost out the door but it happened again. tried a few times and it kept happening every time. Then it went away. (we did not reboot during that trouble time) Specifically, it happens when you dial *17 - the IPO voice is slow and completely garbled...
I am suggesting an upgrade to the last and only available build on the site that is 8.0(61) and if we can get someone on-site, a card re-create.
Is this a known issue with a resolution? I know 8.0 is no longer supported and we will be recommending a move to 11 but in the meantime this can be a problem.
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