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Question Changing Global Outbound Caller ID & Individual Extension

I have a client with a IPO 500v2 (v9.1.7).

They would like all outbound calls to have the same caller ID except for a few extensions.

In ARS, I changed the entries for 0N; 1N; XN; and XXXXXXXXXXN; so they have the number in the entry.

For example,
0N -> 0Ns9875551234
1N -> 1Ns9875551234
XN -> XNs9875551234
XXXXXXXXXXN -> Ns9875551234

I selected the Line Group the PRI is on (4). This took care of the global entries.

For the individual extensions, I tried to setup similar short codes. For example, for extension 208
Code: 1N Number: 1Ns9875558899 Feature: Dial Line Group:4

That is not working. ARS is clearly overriding whatever is in the individual extension.
So, two questions:

1) Is the extension short code correct and if so, is there a way to set it so that overrides the ARS caller ID?

2) If not, does that mean I have to put a caller ID short code into each extension?

Thanks for any help.
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