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Default ERS 5000 Series Release 6.3.5

To Avaya and the forum,
I'm not sure who to contact but i have found an issue with the latest release for the ERS 5000 series switches v6.3.5

After upgrading from v6.3.4, we have noticed that when executing the command #sh tech on a switch stack, the base unit fan status displays a failure for each individual fan despite the fact that they are operational. During the boot sequence the internal built in self test recognises that the fans are ok but as soon as the agent image is loaded, the status changes.
This is also reflected with the command #sh environmentals which returns a status of N/A for the base unit fans!!

No alarms are seen from the front panel LEDs to correlate with the CLI as the fans are in actual fact working.

I'm hoping someone may want to submit this issue to Avaya as i don't really know how too through our 3rd party support agency yet.
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