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Post 9620 VPN Sets Issues

We are using a IP O ffice 500 V2 Rls 7 with some IP9620 VPN sets. (Also a Juniper SSG5 as VPN Terminator).
- Afther loading the firmware and configuration parameters to the phone (connecting it to a PC and running the configuration scrip) the phone connect and register in the IP Office from a remote site for the firs time without problem.
But if the set is disconected and reconnected (due to a desktop change, or due to a conectivity lost) it does not connect again until the set is reconfigured with the PC (reload the configuration script)..... it get a message Ębuilding tunnelĘ and does not end it.....

Tring to discard the VPN terminator, i┤ve restarted the VPN before re-connect the phone and there is no change, the phone is unable to set up the tunnel until we reload the script.

Any idea or sugestion will be appreciated.

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