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Default How to connect 600 phones to IP Office 500 server edition


My customer have 2 Server edition , 2 IP Office 500 V2,
Server edition = primary & Secondary
IP Office = Gateway link to Primary Sever edition.

They want install 600 phones on it.

My question : how to assign 600 phones to the primary server with IP Address?

Server edition IP address on LAN 1
Secondary IP Address on LAN1 link to Primary Server.
Gateway IP Address & LAN 1 link to Primary Server.


How to connect 600 phones on this primary edition use LAN 2?

Whether the Phones IP Address rang is ,,

Need someone to help me :

How to configure use LAN 2?
because I setup for other customer always use LAN 1 to configure to phone, when LAN 2 is can't work.

Phones IP address rang? as above?

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