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Default 9608g IP phones VPN SonicWall weird connect issue

I have 3 9608 IP phones setup through a SonicWall TZ300 VPN connection.

The VPN establishes the tunnel normally, however once the IP phones contact the application server (IP Office v Build 3) they can take anywhere from 15-50 minutes to finally register correctly.

What I see in the monitor on the Avaya box is a constant loop of the H323 socket being closed by the Avaya and a new connection established.

After multiple cycles of this, they do finally connect and work fine, with the exception of some call quality issues.

Here is what the monitor looks like:

09:13:04 3471043135mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Extn(2319), time since last RRQ-KA 56247, Endpoints registered: 0; Endpoints in registration: 1
09:13:07 3471046994mS H323Evt: Removing inactive H323 socket from
09:13:09 3471048531mS H323Evt: Recv GRQ from
09:13:09 3471048531mS H323Evt: e_H225_AliasAddress_dialedDigits alias
09:13:09 3471048531mS H323Evt: found number <2319>
09:13:09 3471048590mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest on 0; Endpoints registered: 0; Endpoints in registration: 1, tpkt user: 00000000
09:13:09 3471048590mS H323Evt: e_H225_AliasAddress_dialedDigits alias
09:13:09 3471048590mS H323Evt: found number <2319>
09:13:09 3471048591mS H323Evt: RRQ --- CallSigProtocol is H323AnnexL_P. Go for Avaya VPN phone
09:13:09 3471048591mS H323Evt: RRQ --- Treat this as a forced login, the phone was probably rebooted (same_cs_addr 1)
09:13:09 3471048591mS H323Evt: GK: Unregister endpoint Educalivres_5fc608e82d21029e for extension 2319 reason 4 urq_reason 3
09:13:09 3471048592mS H323Evt: RRQ --- Register extn 2319 using product IP_Phone_VPN, version 6.8304, id Educalivres_5fc609267575538a
09:13:09 3471048593mS H323Evt: RASSRV: GetAlternate GK list returns <none>
09:13:09 3471048731mS H323Evt: H323PhoneUser Operational: Src= Dst=
09:13:09 3471048830mS PRN: Service Access Connection from to Port 80

All this seems to have started after an upgrade to the IP Office and firmware of these phones earlier this summer. My telephony tech is at a loss
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