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Ok so there are two items to discuss in the responses:

1 - So it should alarm, but what would keep it from alarming via SNMP? We see these Gateways from time to time over temp, but it fails to send an SNMP Alarm to either the S8730 (Which might be answered by the 2nd response as to why) or our own internal SNMP Trap Receiver.

If we hammer on the SNMP Config (By doing a disable/re-enable of the SNMP reporting) on the G450 for a bit it may spit out the SNMP alarm, but for the most part these gateways will not alarm that trap out for some reason. I wished these gateways had a test SNMP Trap to make sure it's working correctly (Like the S8730 has the command to send a test alarm to the SNMP trap receiver).

2 - Set Options is not a valid command for a Customer Login, nor can we see it. Also doesn't that just affect how CM will react to the SNMP trap? Is this an Avaya option that needs to be set or is there another way around that?

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