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Default Random Beep tone during Agents Phone calls

HELP with random beep on phone call

hopefully someone can shed some light here. Alot of our call center agents have a random beep in there ear while they are talking on the phone to customers. like someone pressed a button on the dial pad ..but it happens alot and i have tried list trace, i swaped out phones, changed ports, etc etc.. and no its not headset releated , or serve observe tones they are all off. has anyone had this issue?

We have just upgraded to CM 6.1, SessMgr 6.x and VP 5.1.

We're using a single CM in our data center where the calls terminate as TDM on 2 DS3's in 2 Mediant 3000 (M3K) gateways and are converted to SIP into the core. The calls 100% hit the VP IVR also in the data center and then opt out to agents that sit across the AT&T MPLS (AVPN) WAN as G.729 to one of 4 call centers. There is a set of G650 port networks in the data center and each call center location also have several G650 port networks where the the call is converted back to TDM and delivered to agents sitting on digitial sets, primarilty 2420's.

I have a ticket open. but i thought i would throw this out here if someone had this issue before and fixed the issue!
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