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Default Problem setting up E1 TELMEX MFC not responding

Ive been trying setting up my DID trunk over TELMEX and i stopped for this error i cannot
make nor receive calls.
Ive checked all about DS1 (CAS, hdb3,etc) Trunk Group (TIE wink/imme) MF
NOTE only if the channel 16 is not agregatted into the trunk group it seized the trunk when i dialed by ars.
this is the error

denial event 1192: Temporary failure D1=0x944 D2=0xffff0017
denial event 1192: Temporary failure D1=0x944 D2=0xffff0015
denial event 1097: MFC No Answer timeout D1=0x944 D2=0x28e
dial 97198750
reorder 7198750

Thanks in advaced
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