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Default 9611 Phones not Booting

We are running IP office 8.1 with a mixture of 9611 and 1608 IP phones. All of a sudden the 9611's will not reboot if needed. They will attempt to boot and come up to the .tar file showing on the screen then cycle back through the boot process, never fully rebooting without interaction. The only way i have found to get them to fully boot is to cycle the cisco switch port while it is trying to boot. Changing the ports duplex or speed configuration and then changing back after a couple of minutes will most of the time allow the phones to boot. We have two different models of cisco switches and it does the same on both. It doesn't matter if the 9611's have been in production for years or just out of the box, they will not boot on there own. The 1608's have no issues booting. Nothing has changed in our network that I can think of that would have caused this issue. Any ideas?
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