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Default CCE transfer to voicemail sends an extra #


In order to confirm that CCE is sending the hash(#), you would want to check the XML client and TS spy trace from CCE end. I checked in my lab and I don't see that CCE is sending # with the extension number once we make an outbound call or transfer a call. I understand that from CM trace you bleive the # is from CCE but it has to be investigated from CCE logs as well.
For detailed investigation form CCE end you can capture the TS Spy traces, XML client trace and raise a ticket with Avaya support.

Moreover, it is also possible that CM is sending # to the messaging adjunct causing the issue because in the past it was figured out such scenario in past. In that scenaion CM was sending the # to the adjunct (NICE) due to an extra wild card in the Vector Routing table.

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