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Default Midsize Enterprise 6.2 Installation Suggestions

We are in the process to install ME 6.2 in HA mode. ME includes many VMs like CM, ASM, SMGR, Presence, Utility etc.

1. Can we install the ME at the business partner location with their IPs and Hostnames.
2. I heard from Avaya that changing the IPs and Hostnames will not be allowed.

What our plan was to install the ME at our location with our IPs etc, configure everything then go to customer site and change all the IPs.

From Avaya KM:- Without reinstalling. you can attempt to change the IP of the VM in System Platform from the web console, but this is not officially supported for complicated templates that involve interconnected IPs such as Midsize enterprise, as there are numerous references in session manager, system manager and presence that would all need to be changed.

and also PSN- PSN3312u states that

ME:- Change network parameters page should NOT be used. Requires APS custom quotation (check note below).

Any suggestions.

Thanks Amit
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