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Default found several bugs with HA

I have been configuring a Mid size solution for 10 months - found a lot of bugs, 4 PCN's written and several documents that need to be changed.....worked with development a lot.

Had to re-raid the drives and reload 14 times because of bugs, documentation errors, and following system prompts.....sometimes with HA and sometimes for other reasons.

just make sure if you are doing any work, at all you always stop HA until all work is done.....that means loading patches, doing updates, changing configuration, anything.....even if the system lets you do it - it may still brick your system and Avaya will say sorry, but you have to reload......

Make sure you only use patches that specifically say they are for the Mid-Enterprise solution as not all of the VM patches work with Mid-Enterprise some of them will brick the system.

And as you arleady know keep a current backup of VSP and all of the VM' soon as a change is made back it up.....
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