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Default Bad Idea - Need to reload the MES template

If you are trying change individual IP Addresses for the Various MES VMs you really need to reload the Template. If you are just changing Dom0, Cdom or sdom you might be ok but there are too many interdependencies to change the actual Product VMs as it is not as simple as just changing in System Platform but each product IP address change process would have to be followed for each VM.

Having installed and configured over 30 MES systems, believe me I wish there was a way but your best bet is to delete the template and reload. Or better yet if you are simply staging at your facility to configure and test before taking to the customer site you can always use the customers IP address just put all components on a private switch including any test phones or PCs hosting Soft Clients such as One-X Communicator or Windows Flare Experience. Then if you need any remote assistance you can always use your Wi-FI card to connect your network and then use static routes on PC for the Private network based on the Customer's IP range. That way you can bridge access from the Private network and your companies WAN. Then just use something like AAC 7 or other webconference service to share your pc on the private network.

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