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Default avaya pom how to get call outcome

Hi Sandeepreddy,
Will for through the manual,
Thanks for your reply,
we are trying for below steps, is it possible
1.we are trying to develop a connector application(PDC) which will deliver for e.g. 100 or 200 contacts to POM for dialing outside.Using webservice we can send contact for dialout one by one.we wanted to send multiple contact regularly.
2.Assume infinite campaign configured.
3.Once the POM starts dialing out another connector application (PDC) which will be monitoring for dialed contacts call outcome.
4.we configured Microsoft SQLSERVER as POM databse.

We can create the infinite campaing by manual, but other points 1 & 2 should be through applications (no manual activity).

1.Is the above points feasible?
2.How to deliver multiple contacts to POM using application?
3.How to retrieve dialed contact call outcome from POM using application.
Is there any sample programs available!

Thanks & Regards
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