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Originally Posted by jmertz View Post
In our vectors for our 6.2 system we can accomplish this one of two ways.

1. using the messaging command


messaging skill 99 for extension active

messaging skill 99 for extension 7100

99 is our voice mail hunt group

2. Use the route to command

route-to number 2222 with cov n if unconditionally

2222 is the extension for the aura messaging server

Both the active in the messaging command and the route to will look for the leading number but replacing active with an extension should always work unless something in the trunk routing isn't configured correctly.

Or that has been our experience in the past.
I have made all past this but appreciate the help.....

I have actually figured out the fix to this......While looking through solutions for other issues with SIP trunking,I found a problem with the SIP trunk not passing the extension number. I added a wait step for 2 seconds hearing music before the messaging step in the vector and that corrected the problem.
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