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Hi there,

The DB-exchange messages are all at Uptime zero (00:00:00:00). I suspect that those are from the past. They are bound to show up because they are classified as Serious (first column S) which are saved to non-volatile memory. You can clear those with "clear logging nv" but bear in mind that this command deletes all log messages from the device, so be sure that you fetch important messages before you do that.
The last messages are Management access connections as vultierp mentioned... If the IP does not belong to your network, you should be concerned about securing access to the device. The "Successful connection" Messages suggest that the Connection and login were successful, so also change the passwords (and snmp communities) just to be safe.
If there are no more messages in the log, i would suggest to check Port error counters (show port-statistics) and see if there are issues there.

It would certainly also help to know what your exact problems are...
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