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Default OneX portal have problem, need expert to help

Hi Expert,

I have version 9.0.4 IPO & version 9.04 OneX portal (, the OneX portal i can see all the User Name is catcher in OneX portal server,
but when VPN I can't connect to OneX portal.

This OneX portal is replaced from Windows to Lunix OneX portal. (Windows OneX portal have Login problem)

When I VPN in, use IPO user Name & password to login. (IPO Mobile service is on, OneX portal is on)
The Error : Could not Connect to Server, Please double check your Server setting.

When I use other name/password (not in IPO) the massage is " Failed to retrieve XMPP account info from : invaild user credentials" is look like talk to the OneX portal.

I not sure what happen, why the actual user name/password is can't talk to oneX portal?

May I know which parts have problem?

Your help is much more appreciated.

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