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Default Fax Utility/Long Distance Issue

We have recently tested using the fax utility in Aura Messaging to give customers an option other than a fax machine/multi-printer and everything is working fine as long as the fax is going to a local number. When I try to send to a long distance number through the utility it fails.

I am not sure how the fax is actually leaving the AAM so I am not sure where to look for the problem. We do have a separate T-1 for our long distance and a code is needed by users to make a long distance call (the code is a requirement on the T-1, not in our PBX). Normally when someone sends a traditional fax they dial the long distance number, put a # for a pause and then their long distance code. I tried this in the window for the fax utility but it didn't work. I also tried every variation possible but each try failed.

Does anyone have an idea on A) how the out-going fax is leaving the system and how I might figure out how to allow for long distance?

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