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Default Avaya Aura System Platform 6.3 Installtion issue on S8300D

I was installing System Platform 6.3 on s8300D. But there is strange thing happened with me. I connected DVD reader with s8300D and boot it up and Laptop is connected with Service Port. I just Ping'ing from my Laptop and suddenly i got error IP address conflict. Though I have only and only Ethernet Port and Windows Command Screen " Ping Transmit Fail. General Failure" After that Ping response stop and getting Destination Host unreachable with 169.x.x.x kind of IP address. which is NO ip.

It happened 3 times with me and I reboot my PC after that it happened again.
i Change the Subnet from to /24. It start working. But exactly after 30 Minutes. Same situation occurred.

What was the cause of that issue.
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