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Default 5500/5600/7000 Port limiting question

We have all the aforementioned Avaya switches in our network and I'm wondering if it's possible to limit by port number on an interface.

For example, lets say I have a server plugged into interface 1/ 5 on a 5520 and that port is designated to our "server management VLAN" (not VLAN 1) which is to be used only by server admin's to access their servers remotely via RDC on port 3389.

Now I've discovered some admins are using this as a convenient network to transfer updates and large datafiles around between their servers and it's degrading bandwidth for all other servers that are part of the same network.

What I'm hoping to do is say, Interface 1/5 on the 5520 is only allowed to be used by port 3389 (RDC) all other ports are disallowed.

I've been scouring the documentation but am having no luck finding out if this is possible. Does anybody here know if it is?

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