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Default Customer Trill on top of SPBM cloud.

Hello everyone,

I have an SPBM cloud using VSP7024 switches (14 in 4 locations). On this we run our production network and services. We also manage the network for a small business location where all buildings have 4 or 8 fiber links and we use this to provide internet and connectivity services to the companies at these locations.

One of the companies at this location has several buildings and they want to upgrade their network to 10G. They have bought some new switches and they asked us if it would be a problem if they would start using TRILL to connect all the switches at their different locations together.

I have a few questions, because I'm not completely familiar with the inner workings of TRILL.

- Do I need to provide transparant I-SID's to connect their locations, or do they need VLAN's?

- Does TRILL interfere with my SPBM cloud? As far as I understood, TRILL also uses IS-IS but with a layer 3 IP network instead of a Layer 2 ethernet network.

- There are also some VLAN's I need to inject into their network. At the moment this is very simple because I manage the VLAN's they use between the buildings, when I need to create transparent I-SID's between the buildings, how do I inject the VLAN's they need? I was thinking of creating a multi-port I-SID to connect all their buildings together and create one extra port where I inject the VLAN's they need from me. Does this work?

- What other things do I need to be aware of?

Has anyone done something like this before?

Jan Hugo Prins
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