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Solution Delivered Manage Your Outpulse

Originally Posted by pagui2 View Post
Hi Guys!

I am using a IP Office 500, I have one really important question because the routing for outgoing calls are being mess sometimes.

i have 3 Lines configured. 2 different lines of PABX

1. PRI Line
2. PABX Line No. 555555
3 PABX line No. 7777777

PABX 1 555555 is only used for the reception and also PABX 2 77777 is used for different reception only.

and the PRI lines was use to other the other staff and the rest with direct lines.

- the main issue is when the reception with 555555 line make calls sometimes, the caller id or the number will show to the recipient of the call will show the other reception line the 777777 its happen sometimes. and sometime its fine.

could you please help me why this is keep on happening?
This is the reason that I tell carriers not to send numbers out with my calls. Instead, I tell them that I will manage all out pulsing. Then I out pulse our main listed number (MLN) for a majority of calls. The only other numbers I send out are for call centers.

The process uses the class of restriction (COR) codes, trunk groups, and the public unknown table. Is that what you were looking for?
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