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Avaya SOLN178753:

Latest AACC 6.4 document can be found at

Their policy reads:
Avaya Aura Contact Center / Contact Center Select Policy for Microsoft Updates

Updated 19-2-2015

From the January 2015 version of this document our position is updated to the following.
Avaya will now support all Microsoft updates, security and non security that are published upto a date specified.
All Component tabs for AACC and ACCS are now obsolete
Only non compliant MS hotfixes will be noted in this Matrix from 2015 onward

Avaya only test Microsoft Hotfixes with the current GA release of AACC / ACCS
You can check out Microsoft's Security Bulletin for updates relevant to the product -

And download the updates using WSUS Offline Update -

Verify using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer -

Hope this helps.


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