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Default Hi Another Query related to 96XX IPphones

CM is configured with DHCP server and the file server is also DHCP server.All phones (9640G) which are connected to CM are upgraded with 2.0 bins (core) from the file server.
Now I configured a created a group on CM(group =10).
The call server for group 10 is different.(not CM)
When on 9640G phones has group set to 10.
Then they will be registered on IPOffice.
But IPOffice does not support 9640G phones with 2.0 bins (core).

Now If I change the HTTPserver for group 10 to pick 3.0 bins (core), The phones keep on showing "Discover <callserver_ip>".

My queries:
1) how should I configure CM to install 3.0 bins on 9640G only for group 10.
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