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From the Polycom Admin Guide (SoundPoint), Maybe this will help?

The phone maintains a local contact directory. The directory can be downloaded from the boot server and edited locally (if configured in that way).

A sample file named 000000000000-directory~.xml (Note the extra ~ in the filename) is included with the application file distribution. This file can be used as a template for the per-phone <Ethernet address>-directory.xml directories (edit contents, then rename to <Ethernet address>-directory.xml). It also can be used to seed new phones with an initial directory (edit contents, then remove ~ from file name). Telephones without a local directory, such as new units from the factory, will download the 00000000000-directory.xml
directory and base their initial directory on it. These files should be edited with an XML editor. These files can be downloaded once per reflash.
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