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I have this working off our lab on 10.1.2;
Using VM_rec_send avaya template in examples folder on the iso.

Add 'define variable' element after start in ivr script to bind system tag CCK_Calling_Address to a local variable's value. [lwavename1] for me


Lable: anything
Variable: localvariable name
New Value: <:CCK_Calling_Address:>

Add another 'define variable' element connected to the previous one just mentioned's exit connector links to, a new local variable make this one value ".wav" - linclude the quotes as it is a string. [lwavname2] for me

Add another define variable that connects to ; i called it wavname.
This sets local variable wavname value to <lwavename1:>+<:lwavname2>

Then we finally connect to the 1st leavemessage announcement.

Change File in Record Voice Mail element to point to final wavname local variable.
Make sure File var in the 'Saving..' section also set to local variable

Update Send Voice Mail as E-mail as well - set file to the finalized wavname local variable (same as what was done in Record Voice Mail element step)

Update Delete Voice Mail element File Variable with local variable as well.
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