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ok . agreed . nice explanation,

just last thing i want to ask.

right now in local IPOCC Server shared folder i.e \\ipoccserver\vmrecorded\ all files are saved successfully as a test case, for that i make another define variable and insert it in Folder Var as "\\ipoccserver\vmrecorded\" that working fine.

but actually files to be saved on network other PC shared folder.
for that i just changed Folder Var as "\\Admin-PC\vmrecorded\" but ot saving file there. In IVR log i can see folder not exist error and files not saved and goes to default folder. where as that network folder can be open from IPOCC Server easily with hosts file changed for FQDN entry,

how i can use other network PC Shared folder to save all files. any idea? if needed i can share IVR log tomorrow
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