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OK, thanks to one of the guys from our support and a lot of brute force trial and error, we think we've solved it....and it's a weird one!

The SIP base (DECT 10) station was set to use G711a/20ms ONLY and all the traces seemed to show it being the case.
However, on the wireless conference phone (300W) under:
"Cog" > Settings > DECT > G722, G.722 was set to enabled; disabling this seems to have resolved the issues (can call all numbers and hooked into Aura Conferencing for 5 1/2 hours).
It makes little sense as the g722 is the DECT setting, not the SIP, but there you go.

Going to raise a bug report with Konftel (Avaya?) to see if this is a known issue.

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