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Default IP 9608s lose connection with base unit after config merge

Hey Fellas,

I'm having an odd issue here and am pulling my hair out.

I have about 50 9608 phones, at first they register with my base unit fine. But when I make a config change, anything even something small like adding an ext to a group, all the phones lose connection with the base unit and say discovering IP address of my IPO.

On monitor I get this output errors for all the exts not registering
13:02:40 302768mS H323Evt: Recv GRQ from ac1e0119
13:02:40 302768mS H323Evt: e_H225_AliasAddress_dialedDigits alias
13:02:40 302768mS H323Evt: found number <121>
13:02:40 302857mS H323Evt: Recv GRQ from ac1e0118
13:02:40 302857mS H323Evt: e_H225_AliasAddress_dialedDigits alias
13:02:40 302857mS H323Evt: found number <148>
13:02:40 302913mS H323Evt: Recv GRQ from ac1e0103
13:02:40 302913mS H323Evt: e_H225_AliasAddress_dialedDigits alias
13:02:40 302913mS H323Evt: found number <126>

If I give the phones a power cycle they register again, but then lose connection later when I do a config merge.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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