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Default AACC AAAD Errors and agent cannot remove call indication

Has anybody seen the following?

The issue has occurred twice, once on an incoming internal (non-ACD) call and also on an outgoing internal call. When the agent goes to end a call or answer a call at the same time the call is answered or cleared at the far end or possibly there is a network error at the same time, the application errors and says there was a problem executing that function. However the problem is that while the application recognises the error condition and correctly informs the agent, the application is left in an unusable state where the call indication still exists in the application even though no active call is present on the phone. The application knows there is no call but cannot cleanup its current state.

In this case the agent cannot logout or close the application as the application reports (incorrectly) that there is an active call. Attempting to end the phantom call also raises an error that says the call will need to be dropped before the AAAD is restarted. The agent is stuck and can do nothing as a non-existant call cannot be cleared. We have also tried logging in as the agents supervisor using ref Client and trying to force the agent to logoff. This was unsuccessful.

The only alternative is to end the AAAD process on the workstation which sometimes works.

In some instances however, the database in the server is now corrupt and when the application is restarted it shows the agent as already logged in and also shows that they are active on a call when they are not so they are in exactly the same state. The Avaya Aura Contact Center services require restarting before the agent can use their AAAD application again.

As the AACC server is the voice platform this cannot be restarted during business hours so the agent is out of action for the rest of the day as they do not receive any calls while the application believes they are already on a call.
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