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My customer would like more sophisticated data on wallboard. They have 2x 9 skill and we need topic statistics (Answared, Lost, and waiting calls).
I start build wallboard with Single level Monitor table with topic's statistic. It give the right data, but we need ONLY the total lines, because calls can be split into to main group, and both has 9 skill. From reporting prospective we need separated historical report for the 2x 9 skill, so calls are slpited 2x 9 topic.

Unfortunately to show 2x 9 topic on the wallboard is not a good idea, because of the too much data, so the customer just want to see summarized data for the 2 main group (P_Skills 1-9; U_Skills 1-9). I did not find any way to do that.

Alternatively: Is there any way to reach the raw data from wallboardbroker ? If yes we can create own wallboard solution, and create own calculation.
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