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Exclamation CM DTMF not working on direct SIP to CMM 7.x

Hi all,

I have a CMM on the latest 7.0 and the CM is latest 7.1 as of 11/21/17. They have direct SIP integration. Internal and external calls to the CMM get through and you can hear it say welcome to Audix. Please enter your mailbox and press #. Digit tones (DTMF signalling) are not heard by the CMM. I followed the Implementation doc here: Issue happens whether you are on IP or analog phone. All other integration seems to be working. WMI lamps work. The CMM and CM are on s8300e AVP with 3 g450s for DSP/VOIP resources. The MGs are on latest firmware 38.20.1. What am I missing?
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