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Default IPOCC ( can and Agent or supervisor listen to old messages)

Hi Team,

One of our BP asking, can agent or supervisor listen to old vm messages. Please see the below query. Can you please share some information on the same.
Thanks in advance.

Customer Questions:-
When handling contact centre voicemails via IPOCC rather than VMPro are there any options to save, forward message to supervisor, replay old/saved messages etc.?
Example :- If a user leaves a VM, the Task Flow can call an agent to play the message via IVR script VM-CC_Play_repeat_delete.
The script offer the choice to press 3 to save the message (actually all this does is to not delete the message)
How then can and Agent or supervisor listen to old messages?
The only option I can see is to write a script to access the tables vumsg and vumsgdetails in the CC database and look for already processed messages, and then if required delete those entries in the tables and delete the .wav file?
Surely IPOCC must have a function already to carry this out without me having to make one?
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