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This is theorical solution.

In Short code you can force Caller ID number to send in outgoing call or Withhold the sending of calling ID number

For example, if you want to send 3304100 as caller ID when user of 800 dial outgoing then in short code of user:

Code: N;
Feature: Dial
Telephone number: .C3304100 (pls note dot/point character at beginning)
Line Group ID: 0

Telephone Number Field Characters

A - Allow Outgoing CLI
Allow the calling party number sent with the call to be used. This character may be required by service providers in some locales.

C - Use Called Number Field
Place any following digits in the outgoing call's Called number field rather than the Keypad field.

W - Withhold Outgoing CLI
Withhold the sending of calling ID number. Operation is service provider dependent.

Pls check for Short Code Characters in Manager manual; there are a lot of options
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