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Solution Delivered What is the Situation?

Originally Posted by truji23 View Post
Thank you very much if I have to implement something similar is an alert nothing more to a security guard as this is wanted to place in a hospital
It can be just as you say but probably not from your phone. To be clear this will be one of the dreaded "It depends" answers:
  • If a station dials 911, the system places the call to whatever agency is set to handle those calls. While this is happening, the console and one or more designated stations lights up and starts to produce a unique tone.
  • If a user activates a malicious call trace (MCT) either by pressing a button on the phone or entering a feature access code (FAC). The call is traced and a recording starts.
  • If there is a threatening or intimidating person present, the station or console user can activate a MCT or call 911. But this may not be a good option for a variety of reasons.
Moreover the employee may not want to do anything overt that could result in physical harm. In a case like this, a hidden and silent "panic button" may be a better solution. Panic buttons come is a variety of functions and features.

Your security supervisor should be aware of these. I hope this helps.
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