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Default IPO500 SIP Trunks


We have 2 SIP trunks on the IPO. Trunk id 17 going towards ISP and Trunk id 18 towards a branch. We have been trying to use the ISP trunk to make PSTN calls from the branch. i.e. Branch --(Trunk 18)---HO---Trunk 17----PSTN.
1. We have created an ICR with blank incoming number and destination "." line id is 18
2. We have created a shortcode 9N and Telephone number N, line id 17 to go towards PSTN.
3. Branch sends the PSTN number prepended with a 9 towards HO
4. We have tried it with and without ARS

This is not working and trace shows that the call is hitting the ICR but never passed on to shortcode or ISP trunk 17.
Incoming calls from branch to the local extensions at HO works fine.

Could someone advise on this please?

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